About Us

About Trattoria Vivolo

As soon as you walk through the door, Trattoria Vivolo is a place that makes you feel at home.  It has been a trademark of Harrison’s Halstead Avenue for over 14 years.  In the unique setting of an original 1950’s diner, complete with authentic chrome accents and retro bar stools, this surprisingly chic restaurant is classy and charming.  Combined with the attentive and hospitable staff, it is an unforgettable place that brings loyal customers and admirers.

Chef and Owner Dean Vivolo serves regional style Italian fare, inspired by his love of the culture and his family’s traditions.  A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, he started his career training with his father, Michael Vivolo, owner and chef at the La Riserva Restaurant in Larchmont for over 35 years.  Dean began bussing tables and learning the ropes at the young age of fourteen.  After completing his course of study at the Culinary Institute, he went on to cook at such notorious New York eateries as San Domenico on Central Park South in Manhattan and La Panetiere of Rye.  He worked in Italy at Il Montova del Lago in Sora, on the Southeast border of Abruzzo and Trattoria La Lupa In Rome.  

It all began in 2001, when Dean discovered the small diner, and worked to refurbish it and make it his own.  Fourteen years in the making, Trattoria Vivolo has a reputation of flavorful Italian recipes and a wine list with a myriad of selections from all regions of Italy.  Chef Dean says about his cuisine, “Simple is better.  You want people to taste the flavors of the meat or fish, so it’s better to add just enough fresh ingredients and an accompaniment that will enhance the main dish, not take away from it.”  
Chef Dean and his staff provide friendly and attentive service to all customers. Many times, a favorite cocktail is served before ordering or a guest is ushered to their “ususal” table without even having to ask.  It is the kind of place that makes you feel comfortable and welcomed, even on your first visit.  

“I see my job as a choreographer – to make everything work together, to jump in and put a smile on someone’s face.  This business is like a dance- everything has to be beautiful, in time and flow gracefully.”
Trattoria Vivolo is all about making you feel part of the family, and giving you a dining experience that you will never forget.  Dean Vivolo and his staff invite all to become part of ‘la familglia Vivolo’!